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news/News-Newsrc-1.11 (Score: 0.67582345)
Manage newsrc files
News::Newsrc manages newsrc files, of the style alt.foo: 1-21,28,31-34 alt.bar! 3,5,9-2900,2902 Methods are provided for - reading and writing newsrc files - adding and removing newsgroups - changing the order of newsgroups - subscribing and unsubscribing from newsgroups - testing whether groups exist and are subscribed - marking and unmarking articles - testing whether articles are marked - returning lists of newsgroups - returning lists of articles
news/s-news-0.1.11 (Score: 0.63951564)
Simple news server for hosts with one or two users
S-news is a simple news server for hosts with one or two users. It is intened to supply spool and offline news reading for a configured selection of newsgroups. S-news does the minimum required to maintain a conventional news spool and makes use of suck for news transport. Features -------- It provdes a NNTP service and /var/spool/news for local news readers. It supports any number of incoming news feeds via NNTP either by IHAVE or suck(1). Outgoing news feeds are made from locally posted articles and reposted remotly by rpost(1). It expires articles by how long they have been in the spool. It has NNTP access configuration to allow and deny read, post and transfer access to remote hosts. It is very light weight and relatively easy to configure.
news/cnews-cr.g (Score: 0.6356379)
News server
Cnews news transport software LICENSE: BSD FTP: ftp://ftp.dinoex.org/pub/c-news/
news/News-Article-NoCeM-0.08 (Score: 0.6299286)
Module to generate accurate NoCeM notices
News::Article::NoCeM is a library of perl modules for managing NoCeM notice in Network News services. It's meant to be used for code-reuse and sharing when writing news-based applications.
news/News-Article-1.27 (Score: 0.58517575)
Object for handling Usenet articles in mail or news form
This module allows for creating articles from scratch, or reading them from various data sources; various header manipulations, and posting via NNTP or mailing via a sendmail-workalike.
www/WWW-Google-News-0.12 (Score: 0.47874343)
Access to Google's News Service (Not Usenet)
This is a simple screen scraper for Google's News service.
news/cleanfeed-20110224 (Score: 0.4632299)
Spam filter for Usenet news servers
This is a new release of the popular cleanfeed usenet spam filter written by Jeremy Nixon. I will continue releasing new versions until I get tired or somebody else will step forward. There is no real documentation, so if you never used cleanfeed please download the original package from and enjoy trying to understand what changed. If you already have an existing cleanfeed installation please double check your cleanfeed.local, because it may not be compatibile with this release. cleanfeed.conf does not exist anymore, the bad_cancel_paths config option is now read from a configuration file and most local_* functions changed their name. Please read the CHANGES file for details about these and other things. When in doubt, check the source code.
news/lusernet-0.4.2 (Score: 0.42788208)
GNUstep news reader
LuserNET is an NNTP-based news reader for GNUstep. LICENSE: GPL2
www/WWW-Google-News-TW-0.12 (Score: 0.42375535)
Access to Google's Taiwan News Service (Not Usenet)
news/multisuck-1.0.4 (Score: 0.413814)
Multi-server/conn news suck
A multi-server, multi-connections-per-server Usenet news sucking mechanism. Feeds articles to a local news server. Powerful filtering capability. Runs continuously as a quasi-daemon.
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